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Here’s a selection of books and prints you can buy. You can also buy my work when I’m showing at an exhibition or art fair.

City and Flowers Trichromes

The pictures in this book are trichromes. A trichrome is made from three black and white photographs, taken with red, blue and green filters. These are combined to make a colour image.

Most of these trichromes were made using a Canon EOS 1n camera and Ilford FP4 film developed in Rodinal.

The cities are Birmingham and Worcester, UK.

Buy it here:

2019 Photo Book…

Expensive? I think you mean excellent value for 214 pages of excellent pics. Or save a wad and come round to mine and have a flick through.

City and Flowers

Photos of a city (Birmingham) and flowers (roses, carnations, gerbera, and others) taken with an Ondu pinhole camera. You can get it here:

City and Flowers

Dank Spangle: Street Photography

Street photography. Literally photographs of streets. Road markings, orphan gloves, unpaired shoes, dead balloons, lost flowers. Buy it here:

Dank Spangle: Street Photography

Photo books available on Amazon

Dank Spangle’s Photo Book #19sp

You can buy these books from


Stereographic projections

50cm x 50cm c-type prints on Kodak Metallic paper – £75.00 per print (unframed, unmounted, delivery not included).

1m square prints on vinyl – £350 per print (no need for a frame or mount, delivery not included).

Find out how they are made here.


A2 (42cm x 59.4cm) digital c-type prints on Fuji Crystal archive paper (semi-matt) – £70.00 per print (unframed, unmounted, delivery not included).

20cm x 20cm giclee prints on Permajet Oyster paper – £60 per print including
black, 34cm x 34cm frame with white mount (delivery not included).

Also available as giant (1m+) prints on vinyl. Email me for a price.

How to buy prints

To buy a print email me

Payment is by PayPal, I’ll send details by email. Include your postcode so I can send you delivery options.

There are lots of other image, size, media, mounting and framing options. Email me to start the conversation.