“Finding myself out of the gossip, I busied myself taking snapshots of everything in sight, enjoying my dislocation from events. Watching the miniaturized, reflected image […] swim prettily into focus in my viewfinder, I had the world exactly as I wanted it.”

Jonathan Raban, Arabia Through The Looking Glass, 1979

“I have this funny thing which is that I’m never afraid when I’m looking in the ground glass.”

Diane Arbus, 1971

My name is Anthony Pearson. (No, not Dank Spangle… disappointing, eh?)

I’m a photographer based in Worcester, UK. I like photographing trees, flowers, people, urban details and all the other stuff I see around me. Sometimes I photograph pieces of paper. I also make stereographic projections. (What’s a stereographic projection? Find out here.)

Prints for sale

You can buy prints of my photographs on this page. There are lots of size, media, mounting and framing options. Email me to start the conversation.


I’ve exhibited my photos at Number 8 Gallery, The HivePark’s Cafe, The Ginger Pig, The Worcester Arts Workshop, MannHifi,.
 Wayland’s Yard .

See my pictures on Flickr

You can see some of my pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dank_spangle