Medium format joy with a budget Rolleiflex

While not quite Leica premium, Rolleiflex is a premium brand. Which means you pay a lot (sometimes too much) for what you get. Any Rollei with a fast lens (2.8 is fast in the medium format world) is expensive. Any recent Rollei is expensive. Rare or collectable Rolleis are stupid expensive.

But older, slower-lensed Rolleis are in the Yashica and Mamiya TLR price range (around £250), so you can experience Rolleiflex joy (and there is joy to be had) at a reasonable price.

Rolleiflex Automat 1
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Canon New F1 – Needles, dials, aperture priority, joy

I’ve been building my Canon film SLR collection. My latest acquisition, all the way from Japan and all the way from 1981, is a New F1. And it’s probably the best of the lot.

(When I say New F1, it is new to me, and it’s an F1. But it’s also a New F1, as opposed to an F1, or an F1n AKA the F1 later model. Canon… sort out your naming conventions…)

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