Using manual lenses on a Sony A7

I’ve got quite a few Canon EF and FD lenses. When I bought a Sony A7 I also got Fotodiox FD and EF converters.

The first thing I did when the camera arrived was put my EF 50mm f1.4 on it. That was disappointing. Practically unusable AF. So I tried the FD 50mm 1.4 on it, and then I understood what the camera was for.

It is built for shooting with old manual lenses. You can get adaptors for M39 and M42 screw mount, Leica M, Nikon, Canon, even medium format lenses. That’s a world of lovely, characterful glass – some of it really cheap, almost all of it good value.

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Canon 1Ds Mark II

When my 5D started to die (uneven exposures with fast shutter speeds) I went looking for another camera.

I wanted full frame again (I like the narrow depth of field, and I like using my lenses to full advantage) and I wanted a Canon (already invested in lenses).

You can get a second hand 5D on eBay for £200-£300; a bargain – it is a great camera. But I’ve had one of those.

Anything new, too expensive. Anything recent second hand (5D mark anything else, 6D), too expensive. And I just want a stills camera – I don’t shoot films (movies).

So that’s a 1Ds Mark II then.

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