Portraits 101

A friend of mine is interviewing and photographing people in Russia, a university project. She hasn’t used a camera before and has just bought a Nikon DSLR with a very nice Sigma f1.8 18-35mm zoom.

Clearly she failed to find anyone who knows what they are talking about, so she asked me for advice on using her camera for portraits.

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Tunnel vision – photo stitching and stereographic projections

I’ve been on a photo stitching journey. (Why is everything a ‘journey’ or a ”story’; aren’t we just doing stuff? I blame adverts, specifically bank adverts. More specifically, the ones where the soundtrack is an ’80s song played at half speed on a ukulele and sung by some drippy hipster trying to be really, really sensitive.)

My journey doing stuff with photo stitching started out when I came across Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor (ICE) software. I’d seen ‘small planet’ projections, thought they looked like fun, so downloaded the software to see if I could make a small planet.

I stuck my GR on a small tripod using a ball head and rattled off some pics in the park. Churned them through ICE. And the results were really pretty good. And there’s the start of a slippery slope; ‘pretty good’ was certainly encouraging… but not good enough.

So… here’s what I’ve learned about stereographic projections (and other composite images).

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