Bronica SQ-A – a satisfying but nonsensical use of money

One of the first cameras I owned was an Ensign Selfix 120. And I’ve tried lots of 120s since then; Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, Kodak autograph. None with much success.


  • I’m no good at guessing exposures
  • Turns out my old Weston light meter is unreliable
  • Gummy shutters (my Rolleis are long overdue servicing)
  • Light leaks (the Autograph, but then it is circa 1920)

I wanted a new toy, so I decided to give 120 another chance.

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Agfamatic 2000

As well as a teeny little Pentax Auto 110, my brother gave me an Agfamatic 2000.

It’s a great example of ’70s futuristic design. Did they have cameras in Space 1999 ( )? If they did, they would have looked like this.

Agfamatic 2000 – Open

Agfamatic 2000 – Open

Agfamatic 2000 – Closed

Agfamatic 2000 – ClosedIt’s a super-basic camera. A setting for cloudy or sunny, and a big red shutter button. That’s it.

I think the word ‘sensor’ writ on the top just means that if you push the big red button, it senses that it has been pushed. There’s certainly nothing complicated relating to sensing light going on in there.

The camera closes up, covering the lens. It is opened using a switch on the bottom. Squishing the camera shut again winds the film on. It springs back open unless you lock it shut.

It’s a really nice camera to use.

It feels solid, it is friendly, the winding mechanism makes a satisfying noise, and the slinky metal wristband is a fine thing.


Unfortunately, the pictures that come out of it ain’t no good.