‘Scanning’ film negatives

This is my set up and process for ‘scanning’ negatives. That is making positive, digital copies of pictures from film negatives.

The usual way of doing this is using a scanner. But – unless you have a zillion-pound, wet-mount drum scanner – you’ll probably be using a flatbed scanner. I haven’t had any joy getting good results out of a flatbed.

I get much better results using a digital camera, a tripod, a light pad and a homemade negative holder. I process the scans in Lightroom and Photoshop. (They are photos of negatives, not scans as such, but I’m going to call them scans.)

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Lightroom panic

So, Adobe aren’t supporting desktop, pay-once for your license Lightroom anymore. I’ve been using Lightroom since 2007. So my first reaction was to panic. I want supported software. I don’t want to pay a subscription.

What do I use instead? I tried the two most promising alternatives, and the new Lightroom.

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