Nikon L35AW

A waterproof version of the Nikon AF3 – same lens, same electronics. Being waterproofed has made it bigger, and it has gained an interesting manual focus knob on the top (I assume its AF doesn’t work under water). You also get a chunky film door lock with nice pac-man iconography. And it is black and orange.

Picture quality? Just like the AF3, really quite good.

This camera cost me about £20 from eBay. Which would be OK if it didn’t have a rewind problem. The problem is that it won’t; you have to open the back somewhere dark and wind the film back into the cassette by hand.

But being a bit shonky means that one day I can try it out underwater without worrying too much; if it dies, well, it was broken already.

One of my AF3s is a bit flaky also; perhaps these Nikons aren’t that reliable.

L35AW gallery

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