Sheep pretending to be wolves. Update: This is my best-selling photo

This has just become my best-selling picture.

Best selling in that I’ve sold 3 of them. I think that’s pretty good though. Selling a photo as art is nigh on impossible unless you are Crewdson or some such. Which I’m not.

I sell them as 50x50cm prints on Kodak Endura Metallic, which gives them a lovely 3d look.

One day when I’m feeling flush I’ll get one run out at 1m square, mounted on polyboard and laminated… that should look good. (The source file is massive, it would probably print pretty well at twice that.)

Here are a couple of other panoramas taken near Whiteleaved Oak, Herefordshire. Those sheep are pretending to be wolves.

Find out how the pictures are made here: Photo stitching and stereographic projections.

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