Yashica T4… Noooooo!

Mr Garnett gave me an old camera… a Yashica T4. Joy. Cert on my wish list of cameras to try. But…

…it doesn’t work.

It only fires and winds when focused on infinity. Otherwise there’s a bit of lens in and out action and nowt else.

And when you turn the camera off the lens doesn’t retract all the way (holding the cover open) until you press the shutter button.


Perhaps physical, perhaps electronic. Who can tell? Anyway, a trawl through the interwebs tells us it’s not at all uncommon.

The camera was free… but even so, repair is probably unrealistic. It’s sad to see a dead film camera; it’s not like someone’s going to make another one.

I suppose I could try taking it apart, like this http://the-establishment.com/yashicat4/index.html – but I wouldn’t know what to do when I was in there. Could clean it I suppose.

Oh well. At least I get discount drinks at Zulu’s.

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