Canon SureShot Zoom XL

XL means eXtra Large. Built like a tank, weighs like a tank (well, a not-so-small SLR), great picture quality for a zoom lens (for a prime even).

I like the feel of this camera. It is really, really solid with a nice, big grip. It sits nicely in the hand and has well-thought-out controls, including a convenient button on the front to set focus to infinity (look and learn most other compacts). And you get a free toy; a remote stored in the bottom of the camera. And a nice big finder.

What I like most is the quality of the pictures. Most point and shoot zoom lenses are pretty ropey. A low cost, compact, high-zoom lens is always going to be optically compromised.

Not on this camera though. It’s great. (It’s f3.6 at it’s widest – that’s a compromise you are always going to have to make with a zoom.)

Back in the day it probably cost more than your average point and shoot. I got mine for £5 from eBay – mint condition. Bargain.

Do I carry it around with me? It’s big; it’s not going in a pocket, you’ll need a bag. And it weighs a lot.

I don’t often carry it around with me. Once in a while though – it is so nice to use, and it’s my only zoom.


The Zoom XL in the Canon camera museum:


SureShot Zoom XL gallery

Canon SureShot Zoom XL

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