Nikon AF3

Out of all the point and shoots I’ve used (Konica Big Mini, Yashica T2, various Olympus from Trip to AF10 via XA-2, Ricoh GR 1v and s, Fuji Klasse W) this is one of my favourites.

It gets on with the job with no fuss, the pictures have a lovely quality, it focuses nice and close (with automatic flash diffuser so good for portraits), it’s easy to suppress the flash if you want. And it has got a built in lens cover – these little things matter.

I really like the size and feel of it, and it isn’t trying too hard (like the Ricoh or the Fuji – both of which feel far too ambitious for their own good).

And whereas many quality point and shoots are stupid expensive, these are stupid cheap.

My first one cost 95p. It worked fine most of the time; but on about one shot each film it would freeze mid focus. You’d have to bang the camera (stop me if I’m getting too technical) to unjam it. So I bought another of eBay for £5.

Do I use it? Not often; my Mju II fits in my coat pocket; this doesn’t.


This camera was in my bag featured on Japan Camera Hunter:


A great overview of the range from

AF3 gallery

Nikon AF3

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