Konica Big Mini HG

Super small, super light, and the pictures… lovely colour, lovely definition, lovely feel. I really like some of the pics I’ve got out of it, especially the pic of Mrs P. in the gallery below.

It’s got all the controls I need (all be it a bit tricky to use unless you’ve recently sharpened your fingers) and the LCD stays on so you can see how many shots you have left without having to turn it on; I like that.


It feels a bit flimsy (which providing it works shouldn’t matter), has no lens cover (so although it fits easily in a pocket, make sure there’s nothing else in the pocket that could damage the bit of clear plastic that protects the lens – it doesn’t look easily replaceable) and sometimes chooses not to fire. It’s the last one that stopped me using it.


Manual: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/konica/konica_big_mini/konica_big_mini.htm

6500K ranks it as ‘top shelf’, and if it was reliable it would be:https://6500k.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/top-shelf-point-and-shoot-cameras/

Big Mini HG gallery

Big Mini HG

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