How long does film last?

I recently bought a Ricoh R1 on eBay. The seller sent some out-of-date film with the camera.

Trawling the interweb for how long film lasts I remembered that I once got pictures from 40-year-old film. Not just 40-year-old film, but the pictures were taken 40 years ago.

When my father died I inherited his cameras. I found a film in one of his Rolleiflexes and another in an Ensign Selfix that I used to use. When I got the films developed I was amazed to see 40-year-old pictures lurking behind the light leaks and foxing.

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Canon 1Ds Mark II

When my 5D started to die (uneven exposures with fast shutter speeds) I went looking for another camera.

I wanted full frame again (I like the narrow depth of field, and I like using my lenses to full advantage) and I wanted a Canon (already invested in lenses).

You can get a second hand 5D on eBay for £200-£300; a bargain – it is a great camera. But I’ve had one of those.

Anything new, too expensive. Anything recent second hand (5D mark anything else, 6D), too expensive. And I just want a stills camera – I don’t shoot films (movies).

So that’s a 1Ds Mark II then.

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Ricoh GR

I have many, many film cameras but (until recently) only one decent digital, a Canon 1Ds.

Amazing as it is (it is), the 1Ds is huge. It is heavy enough hung over a shoulder, but somehow it seems even heavier when in a bag (which seems backwards, but there it is). And the bag needs to be a largish rucksack. Add a fat lens like the 85mm 1.2 and you’ll need a powered exoskeleton to carry it.

Not having a powered exoskeleton, I decided to buy a compact digital.

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